Sunday, September 11, 2011

Korean girl Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori is a member of a Korean girl group in FINKL but she went on to pursue a solo career and she has a major success in Korea. FINKL stands for Fine Killing Liberty which in Korean means “Fin” (the end) of “liberty killing”. It means that something will stand up and put an end of killing our liberty. It is a bit of a shocking call but works for the girls group, the name was chosen by the bands production company DSP Entertainment, and they are a product of something like pop idol, specially selected for the pop girl group.

Lee Hyori was a leader group due to her being the oldest person in the teenage group in FINKL. She was discovered at the same time taking label pictures with her friends in addition to the last of the girl group members to stick together.

Lee Hyori was very famous model and spokesperson as well. Hyori is currently working on her second album, which will be released in December, 2005 (title still unknown) and a digital album with Fin. K.L. which was released online mid-October 2005. On August 8, 2005 Lee Hyori co-hosted the annual Korean Music Festival for the second year running, to wide acclaim once again.


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